Google Keep Could Be a Note-Taking Rival to Evernote

Google is doing a lot. Wonder what their overall goal is.


Google appears to be testing a new service called Google Keep, which could allow users to compile written notes, task lists, web links and images in one place.

Although Google hasn’t announced the service yet, it briefly went live over the weekend, long enough for Android Police to play around and take some screenshots. Google Keep looks pretty slick, with notes that appear as color-coded cards spread across the screen. That card aesthetic is something we’ve seen a lot from Google lately, in products like Google Now and Google+.

Of course, Google wouldn’t be the first company to offer online, multimedia notes. Keep would compete with services such as Evernote, Catch and Microsoft’s OneNote, which all allow you to store notes online and access them from any device. The advantage for Google would be its integration with Android and with other Google services.

Just to speculate…

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